Golf 101

Lessons for Beginners


Are you interested in taking up golf?  Maybe you've played in the past and you're looking for a refresher course?
 These Golf 101 classes are for you!


Join me for a 6 week session.
You will learn the basics of golf, including etiquette, putting, chipping, and full swing basics.
The class concludes with a playing lesson and a very fun graduation party!


Fall and Spring sessions are available.


Cost is $225 per person.

Register at for the Haven Golf Course  Golf 101 program.

Aimpoint Express is the green reading program sweeping the LPGA and PGA Tour. Aimpoint Express shows you exactly where to aim, and it's fast and easy to learn.  Find out how to make everything!  Classes scheduled now--call to register!


Marvol's classes fill up quickly!

Call or email for current program offerings.



NEW in 2018!

Marvol Barnard Golf Operation 36® Golf Program,
the fun developmental coaching program, designed to progress golfers to shooting par or better for 9 holes. Play, Learn and Train in this social, fun program!  Contact Marvol for program start dates and more information.


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