Praise for Operation 36 - - Marvol's Newest Program!


I am a 70-year-old golfer and have been golfing for almost 50 years. I felt I needed help with my short game so enrolled in Marvol‘s Operation 36 class.  It was wonderful--it really tweaked my short game and gave me the inspiration I needed to golf at my best.  The class had an entire range of golfers from beginners to experienced, but Marvol was able to give us enthusiasm for our game along with helpful instruction.  She is an excellent teacher and I would recommend this class for any golfer who wants to improve. I hope to sign up for the next session in November when I return to Arizona.  I especially enjoyed watching the new golfers improve. I look forward to being with them in the next class.  Operation 36  is an interesting program and very motivational.  I appreciate the help it has given me.

Linda H.--Chippewa Falls, WI



Being in your first group of Operation36 has been so inspiring for me.   Now I am so much more confident when I’m 25 and 50 yards from the green.   Being able to have the Operation36 app and seeing how everyone was training was also so inspiring for me to want to train.  It encourages you to want to do better and practice even more.  Now that I’ve played under par at 25 and 50 yards, I am excited to continue with Operation36 thru to the tee box!


But it wasn’t just the app that inspired me to improve it was your sincere attitude and your approach to teaching.  It was you. You explain and demonstrate so that even those that haven’t picked up a golf club can feel confident when they do. You are very helpful and encouraging and make golf fun.

Kelly H.-- Green Valley, AZ



Praise for The PLAYING School


I've been very remiss in not giving you follow-up on The PLAYING School, 2-day golf clinic.  Actually, I think it's better that I waited, as I've had several weeks of applying what I learned.


No. 1, without a doubt, it was the best clinic I've ever taken that has had the most impact on my golf game.  I say that because of how I've been playing the last few weeks.  I definitely am seeing a change -- mainly in my consistency in play. What caused it and what were my biggest take-aways?


1.  Teeing the ball -- After 3 pros told me I needed to tee my ball up higher when using my driver -- I got it!  My drives are longer and more consistent.


2.  Routine -- I've really established a consistent routine when approaching the ball at the tee and on the fairway.  I poo-pooed this for the longest time.  And, it's working.


3.  Relax -- I now tell myself to relax when using my "4 wood" on the fairway.  I've never been more consistent and had longer shots.


4.  Tic Toc -- It's now my mantra for shorter putts.  Even I'm amazed at how much better my short putting is.  My long putts have always been pretty solid, I think because I have more confidence.  Yesterday, I made 8 short putts 3-8 feet and nailed them!  My playing partners started calling me one-putt!


5.  Chipping -- My biggest nemesis.  I simply had no clue what to do. I know other clinics and sessions I've had probably told me the same thing, but I had my aha moment.  I really think having us chip over the bunker and realizing we can do it was huge in developing my confidence with this part of my golf game.  Mel really broke it down in a way it finally sunk in!  I actually look forward to chipping rather than dreading it, because I simply did not know what to do!


6.  Volvik ball -- Well I can't say it's everything, but it's the only ball I've been using since the clinic, and I've never hit longer tee and fairway shots.  I think it's a combination of a lot of things, but hey, I'm liking the ball -- just not the price, especially when they go into the center of the pond -- s**** happens.


7.  The Pros -- Last but not least the very best group of pros I've ever had the privilege to have help me.  The one-on-one and the teamwork shown was amazing.  Each and everyone of you was so focused on making this all about the participants!  You all exceeded my expectations.


So, what does all this mean.  I've played probably 20 rounds of golf since the clinic.  I've only scored over 100 2 times.  Yeah.  I'm basically shooting under 100.  I've had several front 9 or back nine that I've shot a 45 or less.  I'm staring down breaking 90, which I've never done.  More importantly, my game is way more consistent.  I've had numerous rounds with NO TRIPLE bogies.  I truly am more confident when I approach the ball, even when I've hit a bad shot.  It's fun seeing 3, 4, 5, and 6 scores across the scorecard.


Praise for My Golf Coach


 I wanted to thank you for the coaching during the series of lessons we took this winter.  It took me a few weeks to incorporate what you taught me but I am really seeing results.  My fairway shots are straighter, my green approaches are hitting the green allot more and my putting is improved.  Today I  never lost a ball trying to power shoot to the green from over 200 yards out, only overshot the green on approach once in 18 holes (by 5 feet a quick chip back), and I actually had some one putts and many two putts.  I broke 100 for the first time at Quail Creek today.  Your course really made a difference for me.

Best of all I am making better decisions thanks to your time on the course with us.


--Craig Reid


On being named one of Golf Digest's Top 50 Best Women Teachers in America:


Marvol: Well deserved recognition. Congratulations and wishes for continued success. In one man's humble opinion you manifest the distinguishing attribute of all great communicators - the power of attentive listening.  --Al Fraier, Green Valley, AZ


You go, Girl! I’m so very proud of you and thrilled to see you get the recognition you so deserve. You’re an inspiration to lady golfers everywhere and I’m happy to count myself among those who’ve grown because of your patience and encouragement. You go, Girl! --Sandy Hanover, Green Valley, AZ


On Success and Marvol's Teaching Style:


I wanted to share something wonderful with you.  Starting in May of 2015 I took 3 or 4 lessons from you before you left Green Valley for the summer.  At the time I hadn’t played much golf because we had just moved to Quail Creek from California and built a house…. all of which distracted me from my golf game.  I was struggling and sought your help. I am thrilled to tell you that my handicap has come down and this year I was the Quail Creek Ladies Golf Association’s MOST IMPROVED GOLFER. --Mary Lynne Fisher (whose handicap went from 38.2 to 30.5)


Marvol was a breath of fresh air for me as far as my golf game. I have not had a lot of lessons in my life, but as far as Instructors, she was clearly THE BEST. She has a tremendous eye for the little things that can wreck a golf swing, and when she identifies the problem, she tries different swing thoughts and drills to find the key that works best for you. She doesn't persist on some preconceived concept if it isn't working for you, as everyone learns differently. There are a lot of Instructors that can tell you what is wrong, but not many that can communicate effectively to fix it. Oh by the way after three lessons, my next two rounds were 75 and 74.  -- Jim Devine


At my first lesson you asked me about my golfing goals.  One was to break 80...something I hadn't done in over four years.  After my four lessons with you, I shot in the 70's twice this week!  I appreciated your teaching/coaching style.  You kept it simple, focused and fun.  It was a real pleasure.  Thank you Marvol.  Phil Wickey, Green Valley, AZ / Glen Ellyn. IL


Your lessons were awesome!  I loved how you took my hockey experience and applied it to golf...haha!  It worked!  I've had some great rounds since I saw you. -- Lisa Claman, Colorado


I gathered a great number of new swing and FOCUS points, and for that, I'm extremely grateful.  THANK YOU!  I knew my focus drifted, but I never concentrated on FOCUS.  It plays an important role.  It was by far the most improvement I have ever achieved from a lesson. --  Jerry Mendelson, Green Valley


I broke 100 again.....twice in two weeks.  Then.....On March 1, my index dropped so much that I dropped 5 strokes off my handicap in that two week period!  Whoa........  I just keep passing your web address along to everyone who wants to know what is going on with my game!  :)  Thanks Marvol!  --Sandy Wilson, Green Valley


Marvol, I loved my lessons with you.  I laughed so much, learned so much, and the best part--I have so much awareness of what I am actually doing in my golf swing.  I can't wait to start lessons again in the fall.  -- Janice Peterson, Green Bay, WI


Wanted to let you know that I took 10 strokes off my game yesterday.  It wasn't always perfect, but it was certainly a lot better.  Thank you for all your help. --   Linda Kaas, Seattle


Diana is now seriously looking at property here in Green Valley.  She LOVED the lesson.  Kathy was dreading it, and it too was a highlight for her.  We got her an "arm" milagro at the San Xavier mission and she pinned it on San Xavier and prayed that her arm would be healed so she could resume golfing.  What more of a testimonial do you want than that?   -- Sue Froeschle and the "Hen Group"--Colorado


I dropped to an 8 handicap from a 10 after our series.  Just wanted to say thanks for all your help.  -- Bob Diamonte, Portland, Oregon


Greetings, oh fabulous golf instructor!  Thanks so much for your email and your encouragement.  I continue to be so excited about this game of golf and am enjoying practicing the techniques and concepts you shared with me last week. -- Dreama Fumia, Green Valley


I wish you knew how many times I think of you.   Every time I play a round of golf I think, "Now, what would Marvol tell me to do," or, "Darn, I wish Marvol was here to help me with this shot...!"  You are a constant and very special companion and have been such a huge part of my game - thank you  and I'm looking forward to more lessons from Marvelous Marvol next fall.  -- Chris Olson, Wenatchee, Washington


 Ms. Barnard, I just want to let you know, you have introduced me to a sport I never even knew existed. My recent lesson (Feb. 7/18) has invoked an incredible positive transition in my game.  So-much-so, I can’t wait to get out there and exercise my new golf form!

Thank you so much and I look forward to seeing you again!

--Ugo P. (Canada)


Hi Marvol:

Marie here from Canada, I just wanted to let you know that I played Canoa on Tuesday and brought in a 49 on the front and a 51 on the back.  I have never been able to get over all that brush on 18 and I did on Tuesday.  I have been practicing and am loving my “new” 6 club, my former 3 is finally beginning to do what it is supposed to do.


Thank you so much for helping me, I’m sure I will see you again.



-- Marie

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