Marvol Barnard, LPGA / PGA
LPGA Professionals National President

Marvol Barnard

Marvol is the LPGA Professionals National President, leading an organization of over 1,800 passionate LPGA members in teaching and growing the game of golf. Marvol is a member of the PGA of America, and has served on PGA committees, Boards, and growth-of-the-game initiatives.

Marvol is a highly sought-after speaker in the golf industry, and has presented seminars on marketing, brand awareness, and speaks frequently on the benefits of taking up the game of golf.

Marvol teaches in Southern Arizona, where she has a thriving clientele of golfers of all ages and abilities.  Specializing in golf coaching, she takes golfers on a journey of discovery and possibilities as they develop their skills in the game.  She especially loves bringing new women into the game of golf, and hosts golf events, schools, and learning experiences for female golfers.

In her spare time, Marvol has pursued her lifelong love of learning in attaining recent Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Public Administration and Organizational Leadership at Northern Arizona University.  She and her husband Sam live in Green Valley, Arizona.

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