Marvol Barnard, LPGA / PGA
LPGA Professionals National President

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Testimonials from Marvol’s Clients & Colleagues 

I never held a golf club until I retired. I took lessons from a couple of other pros. Then we discovered Green Valley and Marvol Barnard. She understood my frailties ( compressed discs in my neck) and helped me develop a swing that made all the difference with my driver, woods and chipping. Thanks to her I love the game and play every chance I get.

I didn’t take up golf until the age of 70 and had played for about a year before I started Operation 36 group lessons with Marvol. All five of the beginners in our group agreed that we each got high quality individual instruction that took each of us to the next level. In my case, my chipping used to be the worst part of my game. Now it’s my best! Marvol’s enthusiasm, encouragement, and expertise have really instilled in me a love for golf and have inspired me to keep improving.

I have had several lessons with Marvol Barnard. I have also had many lessons from others. Marvol has the unique ability to diagnose the problem then offer a straightforward, easy to understand solution that will improve your game right away. She has also helped me deal with the “game between my ears” which is always an issue!

My first lesson on a sunny Saturday morning with you…THE lesson to work on my mind set !!!!!
Best lesson ever , I had such negative thoughts running though my mind. I still carry this note with me! Before every shot you told me, “GO TO A JOYFUL THOUGHT.”THANKS MARVOL!

Marvol is a great teacher!She is always thinking of ways to improve each individual’s stroke in her class.We had fun doing it!We looked forward to the time we would spend with her each week.

Marvol is a delight and very knowledgeable.I especially like how she individualizes the lesson. She has helped me so much with golf while also making it enjoyable.

I recently took up golf again, when I retired, after 30 years of not holding a club. I was nervous to even set foot on a golf course. Signing up for lessons with Marvol is what the doctor ordered. Not only do I now have a path back to golfing, which entailsknowing what club to use, how to use the club, and how to hit a ball properly. She also taught us the etiquette of golf. She taught us all the simple things golfers take for granted but newbies have no idea. The things that stop people from golfing because they don’t want to be embarrassed or look dumb. You need to feel comfortable going on a course. She taught us everything from how to check in, buying balls, carts, tee times, you get the picture. I highly recommend her.
I’m back in the golfing world and have Marvol to thank.

First. Thank you for your insights. You asked why I sought your advice – simple: your reputation is that you’re the Best in Arizona.After 15 solid minutes, I concur. Thanks again.